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Dacorum Education Support Centre

Dacorum Education Support Centre

KS3 Parent/School Feedback


Just wanted to say a huge “Thank you” to you and everyone at DESC for the help and guidance you have given P. I was initially unsure of sending her, but am so glad I did. It has raised P’s awareness of her challenges, boosted her self-esteem and given her some fantastic strategies to take with her. You lot are amazing!
Email from a Parent

DESC were also extremely helpful in the process so once again many thanks and keep up all the excellent work, we are very grateful that E has been given another opportunity with her education.
Email from a Parent

DESC has been a positive experience for my daughter. Staff have put in a lot of time and effort to support her, and have taught her some of the skills she will need to make school a success. Staff have got to known my child well and are in tune with situations whereby she needs additional support. Communication with parents is excellent.
Parent– from Parent Voice

Thank you for everything you have done. We appreciate your hard work and kindness. You are all amazing!
Parent-from Parent Voice

DESC have understood H better than I expected, they are aware of his needs and wants and tailor their tuition to this.  Knowing H is at DESC relieves the stress I feel when he attends his normal school and H seems to be better for attending.
Parent– from Parent Voice

Thank you for all the support you have shown to P, the school and myself over the past few weeks.  Your support and understanding for P, together with your knowledge and support of school systems and the difficulties we sometimes face implementing recommendations for students has been invaluable.
Email from School HOY

Thank you once again for your valuable time with our daughter.  We all found the session extremely helpful and informative, and it left our daughter in a more positive frame of mind.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you, for your support yesterday with my million questions, but also to say how fantastic it is working with Sarah and Jennie.
They have added so much to our school and to the child they are supporting and I just wanted you to know how grateful we are to have them.
School staff

I just wanted to take the time to send a quick email to say a big thanks to you and all the staff at DESC that have worked with L over the last few weeks.
As you are aware it's been a pretty awful time for us but having that small amount of time each day with you has been a real lifeline for us all and made a huge difference.
I know it's the team's 'job' to help these kids, but I feel you've gone above and beyond and wanted that to be recognised in writing so please do pass our thanks on to everyone at Tenzing Road.
Parent- Perm Ex Pupil

My child was well looked after at DESC and the ladies there enjoyed working with child hated going to school but woke up early to go to DESC. He learnt new things at DESC and told me what he done when he got back from school. Thank you to all the teachers
Parent-from Parent Voice

I am indebted to you for your help.
Phone call from a Parent

I cannot thank you enough on how you have supported my son, all the staff at DESC are so kind and understanding.
What was once a negative has turned out to be such a positive and I must thank you all for this.
Parent – Perm Ex Pupil

I have to thank you all for time, patience and support over the last 12 weeks. The difference you have made to us all, not just A, is immense and I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude.
After three years of watching A struggle and escalate to have him in a setting where he was shown understanding and support (even when his behaviour was so challenging at certain points) it gives me hope that if we can get him the right support from a school with consistent strategies and staff he can learn to trust that A may be able to unpick some of the difficulties he has faced over the last few years.

I would have sent this message yesterday, but have to confess that I may have got 'something' in my eye when reading his success book!

I'm sure you will say, 'we're just doing our job' but it's been so much more than that to me and my family. You have given us a little sliver of light at the end of this horrible tunnel we have been stuck in that I can focus on.
Parent - Hub

Christmas Crafts Day 2022 - Feedback

Fantastic, was lovely to spend time with A at DESC and we had a lovely meal. 10/10
Learner's Dad

The food was nice and so were the teachers

Thank you for inviting me today. It was lovely to be with M and I really enjoyed it
Learner's Mum

Eating together was great

Thank you for a fabulous Christmas party. We have enjoyed making decorations and spending time getting to know staff
Learner's Mum