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Dacorum Education Support Centre

Dacorum Education Support Centre


Most students have access to a non-credited course in Communication. 

It is essentially a practical subject where students learn about the different ways people communicate. Through various games and exercises they are expected to be able to work in a group or pair, listen to each other, follow instructions and co-operate. 

The course covers three units: 

Unit 1: 

Verbal Communication

being able to follow instructions by listening carefully and clarifying information and being able to give clear instructions confidently.  This includes being able to follow a map and give clear directions to someone.

Unit 2: 

Non-verbal Communication

being able to interpret different emotions, trust exercises and working with masks.  This includes analysing ways people communicate through body language.

Unit 3:

Written Communication

exploring ways to communicating through text, email and other written forms.  This included a look at punctuation, spelling and vocabulary.  

Towards the end of the course students practise all of their skills in various role play situations.  They have a mock interview, practice telephone enquiries and use their skills in various social situations.